I watch a lot of online presentations, generally recorded talks given at conferences. I’m going to start keeping a list of them here.

Ruby Conf 12 – Boundaries by Gary Bernhardt

Rails Conf 2013 The Magic Tricks of Testing by Sandi Metz

How StackOverflow Scales SQL Server (Brent Ozar)

Marco Cecconi The Architecture of Stack Overflow – Developer Conference 2013

Stuart Halloway: Introduction to Clojure [NDC Conference 2013]

David Nolen: Immutability: Putting The Dream Machine To Work [JSConf2014]

Baruco 2013: Building a Culture of Quality, by Bryan Helmkamp

Gerard Meszaros – Find the Right Abstraction Level for Your Tests

“Simple Made Easy” by Rich Hickey at StrangeLoop 2011


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